Absolutely Anything is a public group on Lifegroove. Members are automatically entered into the group after creating an account. The group was created by Mrs. Lifegroove and has no known admins. Absolutely Anything is, literally, for posting absolutely anything; there are no limits. Absolutely Anything contains several forum-style games, comics, photos, and more.

Games Edit

There are 4 games on absolutely anything that are admin- Corrupt-A-Wish (posted by The Mystery), Combine Your Usernames (posted by Salamaustra), The Person Below Me, TPBM (posted by Salamaustra), and Current Thought Game (posted by Salamaustra). All the games have 500+ replies, with new comments posted daily. More games have been posted on Absolutely Anything (Word Association, How High Can You Count Before An Admin Posts, etc), but have not earned the admin position. The oldest game on the page is Current Thought Game, having been posted 1 year ago.

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