Blurg Example

The word "blurg" is a cross between the words "blog" and "blurb"- which basically sums up what a blurg is. Blurgs are rectangular, skinny boxes that are customizable to be however you want. As with most of lifegroove, blurgs are HTML compatible (with some exceptions). You can upload 1 image to each blurg, change the colours of the title text, title background, body text, and body background. There is also the option of making a blurg invisble and large sized (which makes it about double the size of a regular blurg).

Public Blurgs Edit

Changing a blurg to be public is as simple as clicking on a check-box. Once the checkmark is clicked and the blurg is saved, the blurg will show up on the live blurg feed. The live blurg feed is a section on the left side of the start page. The live blurg feed holds up to 21 blurgs at a time. Each user can only have one public blurg in the live blurg feed at a time. If the blurg you post to be public defies any lifegroove rules (or blurg rules), the blurg will be subject to Mr. Lifegroove's wrath. Public Blurgs can be bumped to the top at anytime, but if they are bumped too often, they may be removed. Next to the public checkbox, there is a help icon, which displays the following text once hovered over:

  • If you check the Public checkbox and then the Save button, your blurg will show up on the Lifegroove Home Page (or Start Page) under the Live Blurg Feed section.
  • Think carefully about whether you want your Blurg to be shown to all Lifegroove users or not. If you do decide to make your Blurg public, you should save it as non-public first to make sure it looks just right and doesn't have any errors. Then when you're satisfied with everything, edit it again and mark it public and Save.
  • Note that if the title of your blurg is longer than 50 characters or the content is more 1000 characters, they will be truncated in the Live Blurg Feed. Don't worry too much about this now. If you don't like the way it looks on the Live Blurg Feed, you can just come back to your Me Page and edit it. The changes will show up immediately in the Live Blurg Feed.
  • After posting a public blurg, you can click the Lifegroove logo in the upper left corner to go to the Home Page and see it right away.
  • Each user may only have one public blurg at any time. If you save a blurg as public, then any other public blurgs you have will become non-public. Blurgs are listed in reverse order of date created, so there is no way to bump your blurg to the top of the list by editing it.

Comments Edit

Blurgs, public or not, can be commented on by all lifegroove users. There is no known limit to how many comments you can post. Lifegroove User Darth Gazemin set the blurg comment record, reaching 473 comments before it was taken down. The character limit for comments is around 16,384 (discovered by The Mystery). There is no way to disable comments on a blurg.

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